Got distracted from animating after I found the figure reference site http://lockstock.deviantart.com/gallery/ . It has awesome costumed female models along with a lot of classy nudes. Anyways I just sketched freely, experimenting, and tried to challenge myself to make the composition work in Photoshop. I brought it into Shake "post" and added some custom glow. Next, I have a old photograph book that I often draw from so I again sketched out an image in my sketchbook and photoshoped it up. Enjoy ladies and gentleman.


DeepSix said...

Gotta love the swoops! They create movement in stiff pieces. Love what your're doing so far. Better than most illustrators...as you know. Keep it up, man!

Anonymous said...

I love that graphic design-ish element you got in there... seriously, Seans right about that edge (although he def has it too). You should consider working with text in some paintings, I bet it would look splendid.