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Hey guys. Things have been real hectic lately (but still having a lot of fun). I have a huge post in the works with 3-4 final large illustrations, pictures from a gallery show, finished Rockwell copy, and some more goodies. Stay tuned. Here is a sketchbook page from tonight I thought I'd post since it's been a while. Take care, -Francis

*update* sooo I'm still working on wrapping up some pieces for the post I talked about above, but until then here are some figure drawings from a session I attended yesterday (above).


Dustin dArnault said...

is that what i think it is???

Francis Vallejo said...

unprofessional sir...unprofessional

Andrew R. Wright said...

I hear it's a great glazing meduim...I mean...thats what I hear...it's just what I've heard...don't judge me!

adam said...

you are one talented son of an individual sir. much respect bro.

jesshickman said...

*sigh* I miss life drawing. Well done!