I've been drawn.ca 'ed

I just want to thanks the fine folks over at http://drawn.ca/ for including me in their distiguished list of great artists! Good timing too since I'm getting blasted with projects from school and otherwise...I can use the kick in the pants! Thanks guys! Make sure you visit their site regularly since you can always find some cool artists and links.


Nicholas Post said...

I was Drawn'ed to your blog.

You made and many different and impressive kinds of arts. Pretty much the same way I do (not in same styles).

Plus your "Inspiration" links have many good selection for me to check out.

I don't see anything about your animations. Other link?

I look forward hearing from you again soon.

diego cumplido said...

good job.

Emily Dove Gross said...

Congrats! You deserve it.

dibujador said...

I want to thanks Drawn too! Now I know your excellent work!!

Jenika said...

Congrats on being Drawn'd! I recognize your name, but I wasn't watching your blog for some reason. Will be remedied. =)

In any case, Good luck with your remaining time at RSAD! (not college, I refuse)

Paul Holmes said...

I saw that, very cool. I actually found your blog only a couple days earlier on Conceptart.org. Great work, keep it up!

Matthew Lopez said...

congrats man, your work is inspiring,

keep cranking