new caricatures!

Hey guys! So classes have ended and I celebrated by doing some caricatures for some great locals from Tampa Bay, Sarasota, and Orlando. I'm a little bummed since my camera is dying a little more every day and most of these pics are a little blurry/grainy. You can still make out the gist of the images though! I'll be in Detroit Friday night, so from then until early January it will be a little harder to post without a scanner and all but I'll do the best to keep blogging. As this may be my last blog before Christmas....MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!

take care,


Joe Karg said...

Wow Francis, these are so nice. I gave a shout out to you on my blog today after I posted an image I did based on one of your images. Swing by if you get the time.


william wray said...

You never know what style your going to work in. All of it shows great promise. Keep wowing us!

SalamunicArt said...

damn've been really crankin' !!!,,Stuff's absolutely brilliant man. I'm loving the variety in your work. Teach me to paint dammit ^__^'
Keep at it my friend!!