Digging the Template Change??


bird and sword said...

I like the muted background color, it makes your posted work pop more. I don't like that I don't see the most recent artwork (or any art except for the tiny sliver at top)when the site loads, that you have to scroll down past the header to see it. And it feels a little funky to have the Archives/About at the bottom of the page... But the neutral color is great!

Jason Kornmeyer said...

I like the new header to the blog. Your name is very readable and looks professional. Maybe a more user friendly location and navigation for the archives and links would be good, otherwise the focus is on the most important part, the work. I really like your sketching style! keep it fresh!

Dustin dArnault said...

What up gangsta!

The new look is tight but honestly the old one grew on me. Kornmeyer is right though links are kind of funky. Throw them some place else.
Hope the break is treating you well man.


la muñeca said...


i dig it. very crispy clean feel to it. but ill agree with mr. kornmeyer in saying that bringing the archival menu/links back would make the whole thing explode with simplified goodness.

catch ya lata


Francis Vallejo said...

thanks guys! I'm going to leave it for a second and then when I get back to school I'll take your suggestions and tweak the final design. Happy holidays!!