Hey folks. Sorry for the thin posting lately. I'm involved in a few exciting projects, but I can't say too much about either....I was recently hired to do some character designs for a racing game, so of course with NDA's I probably won't be able to show that work for a long time.

This sketch is from a painting I'm working on. It's for a large charity project. I'll be sure to post more info once it becomes available to the public. I know the drawing is not too pretty at this point but this is just me working and reworking it until I get something. I'm starting to realize the large impact a decent environment can have on a piece, so look for fewer characters on abstract backgrounds from now on.

I'll also be in New York June 17th-19th and my buddies are trying to organize making a trip to the San Diego Comic-Con (would be my first time). I'll be wrapping up a lot of work over the weekend in preparation for the Illustration Academy which I will be attending for the next month and a should be a great time!!!

And lastly, I was also honored to hear that the next 3x3 annual will be containing my work! Thanks to the great folks over at 3x3 for that.

take care guys!,


Eric said...
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EL Gato Negro said...

yeah man nice & creepy. i think thats what Dustin saw the night he left you house lol.

Dustin dArnault said...

Hey man congrats on the 3x3 man! As for the sketch... it brings back memories that I don't want to talk about.....shut up Eric I am sensitive....
cant wait to see the finish.

Francis Leonard said...

The atmosphere you're pulling off with this piece is very moody and dark. I want to see it just, totally, ridiculously scary. Keep it up, from one Francis to another.

Gerald said...

Many congrats on the new gig. This illustration is turning out CRAZY! I can't wait to see the finalized painting.

michael eugene burdick said...

looks great, francis. excellent draftsmanship. but, i'd like it if the composition were more interesting. like, if you played with perspective and the position of the characters more.
i love the transition from realism to the bizarre. i'm excited to see it in color.

society of illustrators?
illustration academy?
sounds like may was a pretty damn good month.

michael eugene burdick said...

and you can definitely see an influence from your studies of the old masters.

Anonymous said...

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