Comic Con!

Hey folks! Just a quick heads up that me and my buds will be heading over to San Diego for Comic Con. I don't have a booth this year but if you want to chill, grab a few drinks, discuss the intricacies of the DC universe, or talk art shoot me an email! I hope to put some faces to some artwork!

take care,

P.S. I also was informed that I got 4 pieces into the new Creative Quarterly 12! The issue should be out within the next month. Check it out at Barnes and Nobles, etc if you get a chance!


EL GRANDE said...

Elio Guevara, Chris Bivins, Adam Ford, and myself (Joe Karg) will be in attendance all four days. Let me know if you have a plan for drinks and we'll all get together one night. It would be awesome to get a huge group together.

Congrats on the pieces also.


Irene Gallo said...

so sorry I didn;t get back to you when you were in NY. I was in Amhesrt, MA that week. But glad to hear you'll be at Comic Con. See ya there!

Chris Bivins said...

Very cool man. We all should definitely hook up during the con. Hope to see you there man.


Anonymous said...