The website for the Totoro project is now up and the project is officially being unveiled!! (Sorry everyone for being a little premature in my previous announcement...) Please take a second out of your day and take a look at all the beautiful artwork:


note: Not all of the art work has been posted on the site yet, but over the next couple of days all the art will be available to view.

take care,


Jared Shear said...

WOW!....very cool work here Francis. I really enjoyed the Totoro gouache/ink piece.....much more the the oil sketch you posted.

Also those life drawings in pastel were beautiful!

In fact the whole site is fill with lots of vibrant wonderful goodies.

Most impressive.

Andrew Olson said...

What an awesome opportunity! Miyazaki is probably one of my favorite artists, that must have been a blast to work on-I'm a sucker for a cool lookin forest spirit, and those are some cool lookin forest spirits. Very noice!

Julien alday said...

Hehe ! ^^
Glad to see the website is on ! And that's a great picture you made for that project, Francis ! ;)
Bravo, monsieur !

C.B. Canga said...

nice blog here. nice work you have.

i will take a look at the russian blog. thanks.

Hannah Sherman said...

yo you're featured on Illustrophile today! way to go man!!

Nick Iluzada said...

hey is there any way i can get involved with that besides donating?

Nick Iluzada said...

aight thanks man. will the book be for sale online?

Josh Burch said...

Hey francis, I finally got around to linking to you. now I guess I should get around to actually updating my blog instead of just commenting on other peoples