"I consider myself a businessman with a brush. I paint a picture and sell a one-time use only, sometimes for use on a toy, a deck of cards, calendars and greetings cards, then I sell the painting. I sell it six times, while other artists paint a picture and sell it once."

-Maxfield Parrish




Eric Braddock said...

That's a great quote. Maxfield Parrish, you bastard. You paint so many colors, how do you do it.

Jackson said...

Hey Francis. I had a chance to see your Totoro piece at the Cartoon Museum in SF last week. It's a beauty! Well done.

Gringo said...

yes, great quote!

Kendra Melton said...

good one, I'm always fond of:

"The only difference between a fine artist and an illustrator, is that the latter can draw, eat three square meals a day, and can afford to pay for them."
- James Montgomery Flagg

nothing against the fine artist out there.

Parrish got all those colors through lots of layers of paint and varnish. His process is insane, he thought like a printing press!

Glue said...

Parrish is the master of the art hustle.

How have you been my friend?

The new work youve been churning out ALWAYS an inspiration!