So Lil' Wayne's song "Lollipop" wins a Grammy for best Rap Song of last year.....

....this is interesting to me since he does not rap on that song

Let's take a look at the 2nd verse of the best Rap Song of last year:

After you back it up
Then stop
Drop It shawty
Drop it like it's hot
Drop it like it's hot
Do do do it shawty
Don't stop
Shawty said the n***a
That she with ain't s**t
Shawty said the n***a
That she with ain't this
Shawty said the n***a
That she with can't hit
But shawty I'm ma hit it, hit it, 
Like I can't miss
And He can't do this
And He don't do that
Shawty need a refund
Need a bring that n***a back
Just like a refund
I make her bring that a** back
And she bring that a** back
Because I Like Tha

-Dwayne Carter

A little piece of me dies every time I read something like that.


**I think this video accurately describes popular rap music*** Maybe this will win a Grammy next year?


Kyle McCullough said...

I hate that. People get so much credit for doing close to nothing.

Hey man thanks for stopping by the other day. Good talk. Later man


Trey. said...

On a boat with my flippy floppies!

-Trey B.

andreas said...

rap, the way the "real street" talks

EL Gato Negro said...

A milli A milli A milli A milli A milli A milli yeah A milliA milli A milli A milli A milli A milli A milli yeah A milliA milli A milli A milli A milli A milli A milli yeah A milliA milli A milli A milli A milli A milli A milli yeah A milliA milli A milli A milli A milli A milli A milli yeah A milliA milli A milli A milli A milli A milli A milli yeah A milli

EL Gato Negro said...


Kendra Melton said...

I felt this was relevant, it's if Mos Def were President, you may have already seen it, but it's still pretty amusing.

max xiantu said...

When they say hip hop is dead, it's only because kids memorize Lil Wayne "lyrics" and don't know who KRS-ONE or Rakim are :.

Theodore Taylor said...

Well... "A Milli" was better. Not that any of his songs deserve Rap Song of The Year. But I heard "A Milli" everywhere. I don't remember this "Lollipop" song. And Flying Lotus did a crazy remix of Milli so...

Andre Barnwell said...

Yes Francis! let the truth be known. I think its a slap in the face...or maybe...just maybe...the panel doesn't know any better......Scratch that. It was a slap in the face. Regardless I think lil Wayne is laughing right now.

seajay said...

i'm not sure if you guys are considering that wayne isn't talented? i got no problem if you think his music is wack. but he deserves everything he's got. he's on top for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Nah, just because a lot of people buy something doesn't mean it's good. He's fortunate that his fans like low brow wack a$$ content. Ask, Soulja boy.

Skim said...

wow. i'm glad I don't watch tv

Geary Day said...

lol i can't really believe it either man.. best RAP song? i guess this is what the game has come to..but anyway dope work u been throwin up here lately..heard you were workin on somethin' big over your way, i'd like to take a look at it..if that's possible..anyway hope all is well i'll see you soon sometime..


seajay said...

art is subjective.

bottom line; he's mad talented and he's got charisma. but lollipop ain't no rap of the year. maybe the most popular and sold the most... and thats ok with me. i'v never agreed with the mass public anyway. its in my blood to run the opposite way.

Francis Vallejo said...

Wayne is talented. But the problem I have is his consistency. Compare it to artwork. If I created 100 pieces, but only 10 were real quality, would you respect my work? He will jump on anyone's track for a price, mumble something over autotune, have his crew tell him it's dope, and make $100,000. Didn't he say that he would even charge his sister that much for a verse?

Now there are a few tracks that I enjoy, and I respect his work ethic. But before I listen to a new track from him, I assume it's going to be terrible. He doesn't represent quality. If the track is actually good I'm surprised. The dude just needs to put all that effort in making 10 tracks into making one great song.

And I guess, my main problem is with the Academy board, for even considering this song for "rap" of the year?! C'mon....Lupe's Superstar got serious radio play, great lyrics, beat, the whole package, even a remix with Jeezy and Tip...but no dice. Zero love for the Grammy's.

Eli said...

White people run the Grammy's! I mean really, they gave album of the year to the Dixie Chicks over Gnarles Barkley a couple years back. I think that says it all. I guess Earl really did have to die.

Dean Arscott said...

Fuckin' a right Francis! That walking commercial is a disgrace to hip hop.

seajay said...

no doubt he's a whore. like he says, 'graduated from hungry, made it too greedy.'

as for the academy... i wouldn't hold much validity to any choices they make. i'd assume its all based on money, not factual information of which aritst or album is 'better'. so why wouldn't dixie chicks beat gnarls barkley?

its a big media machine... one big fuck fest.

its late, and i'm tired. but thank you francis, for opening this can of worms, and letting your followers discuss relevant issues. :)

Claudio Cerri said...

It's the first time I come here. Your art is amazing. See you soon.

Tyler said...

waynes producers should have accepted that award - theyre the ones who turned those terrible lyrics into a package

you pretty much nailed it though - he's a talented dude, but the amount of gems he's created can be compiled onto one album. the rest is just pishposh baloney

i see he's got potential - i want to see him grow up and start making music that means something

recent interview of carter, i watched that and he seems like a pretty decent person. a lot of people straight up brush wayne off, and dont get it twisted, im not defending his music, but rather the idea behind it - he's just doing what he wants, what he thinks is fun.

its the same idea juice crew, doug e fresh, etc etc were doing back in the day - having fun. and you cant knock that idea because you dont agree with his representation of it

now all hes got to do is put some of that attitude into some - real - lyrics and he might end up being that great rapper he claims to be.

i could go on and on about how he's in it for the money - but in the end if he wasnt in it for the money, nobody would be talking about him right now.

hate his music of love it - you'll always give him the recognition hes looking for.


Tyler said...

wanted to a follow up with an example

once lil wayne stops doing cash money garbage like this

and starts doing more stuff that, hopefully, dwayne carter wants to do like this. . .

(its like listening to two different artists!!)

. . .people might start recognizing his talent

seajay said...

ok.. one more post, i swear.

tyler: i'd say wayne shows many different ways of expressing himself. i wanna try and relate it to visual arts again. james jean had that art show recently, with the installation in the corner leaning towards abstract work. for a person that isn't into the culture of visual arts, they might have a hard time excepting this stuff.... or passing it a skillful art. A friend of mine passed it off as some weird sloppy shit, and thought it was lazy. Then his balls were blown off once I showed him his body of work. Just like lil wayne, james was interested in expressing himself in that particular way. i tend to think it would be wrong for someone to say, "once he(james) stops doing garbage like this, people will recognize his talent". i'm not suggesting anyone has said that about james, but i just wanted to point out how ridiculous it sounds.

Francis Vallejo said...

SeaJay: Don't worry about posting man. I've been tempted to start a hip hop blog for the longest, so I really enjoy these convos. I'll admit it's hard finding people to have in depth hip hop convos at art school.

But I wouldn't compare Wayne to James. In James case, when he experiments, it turns out well. When Wayne experiments it turns out poorly (i.e. his rock album, and everything he's done with the many tracks has Wayne been on where the other rapper destroys him?). I would more compare Wayne to the mid-century illustrator John Whitcomb. He just pumped out illustration after illustration like an assembly line. Every once in a while he would make a well thought out image, but much of the time he accepted any job, never really taking it very far. He definitely was talented and popular since he had a gimmick (he could draw pretty girls well), but the respect he garnered began to lessen as the quality of his work diminished. And those knowledgeable of illustration seen the facade he put up.

Those knowledgeable of hip-hop can see right through Wayne (no disrespect). But he's very popular with the casual listeners, and teenage girls. God knows every teen girl has 20 Wayne songs on their Myspace page. That's who he makes his music for. Like Whitcomb made pictures for the audience that wanted to see pretty girl pictures.

Francis Vallejo said...


it's JON not JOHN Whitcomb

Tyler said...

francis: agree completely

seajay: like you said previously, its all subjective. albeit i really dont think you could compare wayne to jean, that just seems ridiculous all in itself. this is all opinionated though and we could tango forever. however i can understand where youre coming from and the concept behind it. and i agree, it is silly of me to think that of wayne - but opinions usually have a silly side to them.

i consider wayne to be an industrialized source of music. the more and more he pushes his product off the assembly line the greater chance it has at becoming deteriorated of quality - usually would have something to do with his production label (cash money records).

wayne says he does what he wants, but we all know this isnt true. if he did what he wants, if he truly wanted to make the music he'd want to, he's been in the position now to unhook himself from cash money and free himself of that entire persona universal records has grown ($$$) comfortable with.

i'm pretty sure james didnt have to worry about support groups and a production label asking him to tune his art to a certain audience when he was throwing on that show.

seajay said...

Francis and Tyler : points understood. But there’s always a ‘But’ with my stubborn ass.

the realist of the real hip hop heads can see that Wayne deserves his spot. he's able to spit fire. his simile's, metaphor's and word play in general are deadly. although he doesn't always display that skill set, it doesn't change my opinion on his worth in the industry. In my opinion, it wouldn’t do him any good to always cater to the real heads…. Because that’s not where the money is. And I think his real passion is the money. Which I don’t agree with, but it doesn‘t make me think any less of him. He's got the ability to capture a younger, more naive audience… which is where the money is. Not many people in the world have that crossover appeal.

Even though my last attempt was far fetched, I’m gonna try another analogy.

The Clipse. Probly the epitome of coke rap . Just really grimey, ganster type of vibe. Dope story tellers about there trails and tribulations of the streets. Maaad talented. But they don’t have that diversity to appeal on mass levels such as lil wayne. If they discovered a way to grab the teenie bopper generation with water’d down, simple bullshit, I would not hate.

In the end, all I’m saying is... I am not hating on wayne for his hustle.

Pinflux said...

Hahaha oh nooo....

orengo said...

me too..rap ruined hip hop