Originals for sale on Ebay!









So I just listed the artwork above on Ebay with no reserve. The auctions all will be ending in 5 days. So technically you could own these originals for 99 cents, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe they go for a little more.. :). The funds garnered from sales will be used to fund my last days in the states and the final weeks of the Illustration Academy.

ALSO, all the figure pastels below are for sale. Shoot me an email (fvallejo.illustration@gmail.com) and we can work out a very reasonable deal.

I also overhauled  my STORE, with new work and prints for sale. All of the originals are being handled by galleries or outside dealers, that's why they aren't on Ebay right now..haha.

I imagine good deals are sure to happen with many of the pieces, so if you are interested, make sure to click the "Bid" links for more information on the work.

**EDIT: Thanks to those that bid on the work!!**

Thanks and take care!


A. Riabovitchev said...

Brilliant stuff!:o)

Annika said...

So good to see you again Francis! Enjoy the rest of the academy and best of luck on your Russian adventure :)

maikeru said...

Just discovered your blog by way of Paolo Rivera's ... love your stuff, especially that dope Nas piece!

Rob said...

Hey I love you work! Can you buy your pics on ebay from outside US??

Bill Ferguson said...

Amazing. If I could afford it I would totally buy the one portrait 2nd to last. I love the subtlety and your color pallet. Great work all together.

bajel said...

awesome work! your blog and all you link too are really inspiring!

Timothy Duong said...

YEAH!!! I just got your "Outbreak" piece...Thanks man! Awesome work :D

Can't wait to see the piece in person!!!

Caleb Prochnow said...

I wish I had seen this earlier... I would've bid.

Nat Loh said...

UGH! I missed this?!? Those are bargain prices.