Brother Ali- Begin Here

When I was young you couldn’t tear me away from the stereo/ 
Used to carry one with me everywhere I’d go/ 
As I memorized the words I genuinely believed every line I heard/
I thought that these men that I referred to as prophets of our time would never lie in verse/ 
I can’t begin to tell you how it hurt /
as time went on and some of them disguises burst/ 
I always said if ever I get heard, if ever I am perched in an elevated place/ 
High enough so this world can recognize my words I would never turn and try to hide my faith/ 
And so I give it all as an author even if myself is all I have to offer/ 
I don’t exaggerate it, I would gladly be hated for what I am and just stand and state it/ 
And if you relate than you can take it, all human beings are the same when were naked/ 
We’re all living through the same insane trip but we ain't in it alone/ 
Somebody stand up and say…….  

A lot of people waiting for their big break to make it/ 
You’re gunna spend your whole life waiting until you learn that/ 
Anything given to a man can be taken/ 
Only thing that’s ever really yours is what you earn / 
It’s a mistake to label it patience when you see a person blatantly waiting for a turn/ 
Another one got the faith to go and take his, win lose or draw the end aint a concern/ 
I want it so bad I can taste it and makeshift tools are the only ones that work in the hands of a dreamer to make it take shape with/ 
See if I can’t get this old torch to burn/ 
And all of those chains and the braclets are symbols of that for which our souls yearn/ 
Strip it all away and what you face is, were trying to touch ? before we touch the urn /
I thank you from the bottom of my heart / 
Every show you ever saw every album that you bought/ 
You can be my guest and tear it all apart/ 
At the foundation you’ll be sitting there with what I forged/ 
The past is gone, my path is charted/ 
My grasp is strong I’m just getting started/ 
My aim is steady and my view is clear/ 
My name became heavy and the truth is here!

.....Just finished the Academy last night. Cleaning up today and recuperating. These are some of my favorite lyrics. They feel appropriate for the space that I am in in my life right now. I'm extremely inspired by this song. It's by one of my favorite mc's: Brother Ali. Click here to listen to the full song.

keep on keeping on!


*ps* speaking of inspiration...I was incredibly, gigantically fortunate to be able to add this Jon Foster painting to my collection last night. Jon is one of the reasons I switched my majors from animation to illustration, and I can't express how much it means to have this piece. It will be hanging proudly in my studio for a long, long time.


Diantres said...

man, great lyrics. i haven't heard this Brother Ali EP before. Congrats on the Foster piece, and good luck!

Erin McGuire said...

Haha, I love what you've chosen to name the foster painting jpg. Awesome :)

pointpusher said...

I love Brother Ali's art, and I love yours too man. Keep on inspiring us man.

Anonymous said...

wow! a Foster's original! :) congratulations!

Nina Cox said...

Wow, that is pretty fantastic. I love Jon's work, too, and the file name is indeed suitable.

Craig said...

Holy-! An original Foster. Thanks for the new artist, man.

Aaron Rossell said...

whoa, I'm jealous!

AdamBeneke said...

excellent song and superb painting. nice addition to your collection.