Art purchasing SCAM!

These posts are always a bummer to write but hopefully this can inform folks. But recently I received an email from a woman asking to purchase a painting or "creative work." I responded and was stoked. I received a prompt response but began to notice interesting wording in the email. Seemed fishy. Then I talked to my buddy who received...... the exact same email. He actually went through the process the woman asked. But right before he let the piece go, he figured out the scam and had the woman's check bounce.

I did a little research and found this post discussing the exact scam that I had pulled on me.

The idiot takes these names.:

Betty Moore-
Bikram Shrestha -
Claire -
Claire Pink -
Crewford -
Crystal Moll -
Dave Frank -
Garritt Miller -
George Craige -
Henry Matt -
James Carter
Jane Francis -
Janet Brand -
Janet Gillian-
Janet Francis -
Janet Rumsey -
Janet Vida -
Jessica -
Johnson Mark -
Kim Bauer -
Lisa Benson -, and
Nicole Danes -
Nicole Roane -
Precious -
Raymond Hyslop - and
Robert Cole -
Sandra Haddock -
Sandra Williams -
Steven Pallin -
Susan Cutter -
Swane Mackerel -
Tina Brown -

It's really unfortunate that these things exist, and I really hope no one has had their work stolen from them.

all the best,


Ericka said...

Thanks or letting us know.

Gerald said...

Many thanks for the heads up!!!

Erik said...

Thanks man for the info.

Michelle said...

Thanks for this info. I was emailing back and forth with one of the names (Janet Gillian) and things seemed to be really off. I did a Google search and found your post about this confirming my suspicions so thanks!

sarahmulca said...

Thanks! I've been emailing with "Janet Gillian" too. When I heard from the movers, I googled them, and found another of the posts on this. Crazy!

Francis Vallejo said...

such a shame they are trying to pull this game with so many people!?! glad this post provided some info!

Anonymous said...

Her check is supposed to arrive tomorrow -- to whom should I turn it over? Is there a crime division that covers this kind of stuff? Such a shame. So disappointing!

Francis Vallejo said...

anonymous: Sorry to hear they contacted you. I'm not sure how you should proceed. I know other folks have approached the authorities and the amount of leg work and the cost to track this person down is almost not worth it. But at least you know and can halt the shipping of the piece. If you do get anywhere, tho, please let me know!