Save the Elephants charity auction!!!

Super stoked for this project! I was cruising through my blog lists and noticed a post by the very talented Andrew Shek. It seems the "Elephants Managers Association" is having an auction of artwork to help raise funds for their cause.

I'm an animal fan, I worked at the Detroit Zoo for 2 summers, so I found some time to do a piece. Another experiment, but this time I'm pretty cool with how it turned out. I've been searching for that loose-but-polished aesthetic in my work for a while.

So my piece, along with other great works, will be available for purchase at the auction date, which I will announce! I'm sure you've seen the videos of the elephants painting. Yeah, that's right, the elephant's work will be up for auction too. My most diverse show yet..haha. I hope other artists in blog-land have time to donate a piece!

Mr. Shek summarized the cause nicely:

"The Elephant Managers Association is made up of professional elephant handlers, veterinarians and researchers. They exist to improve the care and management of captive elephants as well as support conservation projects in Africa and Asia.

The association is asking any interested artist to donate pieceswhich feature elephants in an effort to raise funds. Money generated will be used to support the organization as well as conservation projects for wild elephants. Several zoos have already donated pieces of art made by their elephants.

Dead line: November 28th 2009.
Paintings, sculptures, carvings....anything you would like to donate is fine."

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andrew said...

Hey Francis, thanks for your contribution, this piece is amazing....its how I'd picture you drawing an elephant!

I'm continually amazed by your skill level and the appeal of your creations...inspiring