Soviet War Paintings

I found the link to these collections of painting from James Gurney's blog. I'm a huge 19th and 20th century Russian art fan, so these just blew me away!!! I've posted a few of my favorites.



Oliver Dominguez said...

Awesome Find!! Thanks dude!



A. Riabovitchev said...

Are you in Russia?:o)

Trey. said...

yeah man, these are great.

D. Zhemerikin
A. Mikhailov

i noticed his post the second he posted it- i thought about Leon and the emotion of mother russia.

-Trey b

ev said...

Wow, incredible, inspiring and emotional paintings. Good find.

Jvolz said...

This is an amazing find Francis.

Thanks for the link!

shellywan said...

Dude!! i totally thought the first two were your work!! Blew me away.


Tiffany prothero said...

Thanks for the link, Gorgeous. :)

Sten Backman said...

I lile your ambition, Hope it goes well in Russia