Famous Artist Course DOWNLOAD *update*

I learned some things at art school. I learned more things at the Illustration Academy. The third source of much of my art education comes from the "Famous Artist Course" books. They were published in the 1960's and will make you a better artist upon reading them. Serious, serious. And because of the information superhighway, you can now download them.

These come at my highest recommendation. Irene Gallo's blog notified me that Daniel Caylor has honorably scanned the whole set and posted them to download at his blog. If you are a student of illustration, you owe it to yourself, and your loans, to read these guys over. I'm fortunate to own the original binders, and I re-read them at least once a year.

Now the scans Mr. Caylor put up are from the original 1960 binders. FAS put out additional volumes. These are also available.

FAS Cartooning Course
FAS updated volume with Bernie Fuchs
FAS updated volume with Bob Peak (pending)

On a side note, I have little pile of things to post. But if I don't get to it before the New Year, have a rocking 2010.

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**edit: In an effort to be fair towards possible copyright issues always involved with situations such as this, consider purchasing the materials that the modern day Famous Artist Course company offers.**

**edit pt.2: This post seems to have generated some traffic to Mr. Caylor's site, which has now taken down the scans. It seems the FAS does in fact own the copyright's giving them the right to claim theft when these are put up. If you do a little searching, you can find a few conversations going on about this. I can't speak for Mr. Caylor, but the intentions behind my post, and other links to the downloads were scholarly and made in the interest of community. But sometimes the excitement over such information overshadows the reality of situations. I'm a big advocate for the spreading of knowledge, especially concerning art, but as Mr. Leif Peng said, in this digital age it is "
an ongoing process for all of us to learn how to play by the rules." Many authorities in the field have commented on this, and have educated this young artist's eyes on this sort of situation. I hope everyone has the courtesy to consider both side of this situation and act accordingly."


Louise Smythe said...

you are officially awesome for posting this. thanks, francis!

Stuart Ruel said...

man you made my day maybe my entire holiday season, I would be lying if I said you made my year though. Thanks!

Vincent Nappi said...

Excellent. Thanks for the link, Francis. By the way, where did you get your hands on the original copies?

Aaron Rossell said...

wow---thanks for passing this one along!!

Francis Vallejo said...

vincent: ebay always has good deals on them. Amazon stocks them too, although at a higher price.


C. A. Stavridis said...

This is wonderful! Thank you so much!

Alexis said...

thanks for the heads up, amazing resource!