Really really good pictures

Dmitri Belyukin ^^

Ivan Kulikov ^^

Ilya Repin aka "Nasty McFly" aka "Are You Serious"^^

Dean Cornwell ^^

I had to share these images. Each one burned a hole into my eyes for quite some time. The top image by Dmitri is in my top 5 paintings ever. So good. Also interesting is that those paintings by Dmitri were painted in the 1990's. All the artists are Russian, except of course for Cornwell. Unfortunately the Repin files aren't the best. Anyone have those images in better quality?

I found a few of these images at this Russian blog I recently discovered. Also make sure to check out Elkin Canas' art blog. One of the best I've seen. And if you enjoy paintings of the sort posted, you'll love Mian Situ's work. Lastly, my internet buddy Valentino Radman launched a blog, and he has some incredible photos of paintings he's taken himself, and other top notch content!

stay inspired!


Anonymous said...

I'm really thankful! Love the russian art...

Kenny Callicutt said...

The inspiration stuff you post is awesome. Really appreciate the sharing, cant believe you find all this stuff and still manage to do anything else.

Your stuff is looking solid as always.

Jens said...

man! thank you so much for sharing all this stuff :)

Valentino said...

Francis, thank you for these images (and for mentioning my blog:)
Keep up the good work!

Lok said...

those Belyukins are stunning! - thanks..

Tiffany prothero said...

Thank you for posting these. I'm in love with Dmitri Belyukin, Just wow!

Frans Kusuma said...

Thank you for sharing. These Russian old masters' works are really superb.
(I'm also glad you mentioned Mr. Si Tu). I do not know where you live, but if you somehow live close in LA, you might be interested in Autry Museum. They are having a gallery show (and Mian Situ is one of the artist).