Russians and Cornwell pt.2

Nikolai Fechin ^^^

Abram Arkhipov ^^^

Dean "The Machine" Cornwell

More discoveries from my online adventures. Some mind numbing Fechin's up top! Now I know the high key painting of the women in the red dresses is by Arkhipov. The other 2... I'm not sure. The images were not labeled. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know. Finally, bringing us home is Cornwell, with another gem.

Also check out this nice collection of Fechin drawings. Speaking of drawings, make sure to visit this collection of Anders Zorn's etchings. And lastly, another favorite of mine, check out these pics of Kroyer paintings. Nuts!

stay inspired,


Nathan Olsen said...

Oh man, that Arkhipov made my brain do a little summersault. Thanks for sharing these great finds!

Augie Pagan said...

You find the best inspirato. Keep it coming!

Artoonator said...

Thanks man, every time i check your links (and works) i get inspired. Mentioned you on my blogs btw, and thanks for the updates on twitter!

Carl Knox said...

Thanks for the shot of inspiration! Both from the masters, and your own sketch book pages.

I'm just about to head out the door to meet up with my sunday sketch crew. I'll pass the inspiration on. :D

Anonymous said...

yeah, that one of the women in the red dresses is powerful- such amazing intensity in those hot highlights. Thanks for collecting!

Leland Purvis said...

If you ever get the chance to visit the Fechin Museum in Taos, NM, I recommend it. Besides all his art hanging on the walls, he designed and built the house himself, too.

dwilson said...

Francis, thanks for sharing the Fechin paintings, amazing ability to draw like a god.

Not sure if you're familiar with it already, but there a museum in Utah that has a nice permanent collection of Russian work about the same era you're representing; Springville Museum of Art.

I know the director if you'd like any hookups.

Mark Waikien said...

Sweet research Francis.
Especially Cornwell. I love the way he uses color.

Jared Shear said...

Thanks for the treat.....these are beauties!

Anonymous said...

Francis, thank you for these high res images, particularly for Fechin closeups.
He did know how to achieve interesting texture, didn't he? I particularly like the contrast of rough, textured areas with more smoothly finished ones.

Adrian Lubbers said...

These are so beautiful. The looseness of your brushstrokes is wonderful and your pallets are exquisite.

Francis Vallejo said...

glad you digg the work guys!

leland: I hope to make it out there, although I heard the collection was pretty poor outside of the architecture? That the paintings have been distributed to other collections.

dwilson: Sign me up man! I'm sure I'll make it out there at some point. Shit, just to scope the paintings. I'll be in touch.

adrian: haha I wish these were mine, but they were created by the artists listed underneath the paintings.