cut outs

I'm trying a new technique for the character designs on my new animation idea. These guys are part of the same story as all those faces I posted below. These are the inhabitants inside the cd player that the humanoid character presses. I tried to get that flat/cut-out feel and man is it tough! Mucho respect to those that can whip those out. Each one of these guys took at least an hr, but at least I learned a lot. If anyone knows a good workflow to get these kind of results shoot me a message, I'd really appreciate it. These are to kind of get the ball rolling and I hope to pump many more out. Hope ya'll dig!

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Cat Musgrove said...

Just came across this article, and I thought I'd pass it on. It's not specifically helpful in terms of what you were talking about, but it's sort of another take on the 'flat, but not flat' style: