lighting, render comp

So I'm going to try and really focus on the visuals on my next short animation. Short like 12 seconds short (haha) compared to my 32 second marathon I just wrapped up. I'm going for a graphic design sorta deal with some creative lighting. This is going to be a practice in comping so I should learn a lot. Right now the planes don't make too much sense as this is just a study for the final. I'm going for an environment that involved my character standing on the porch after climbing a HUGE amount of stairs and the neighborhood underneath him. I think I'll do the yard of the main house in 3d, but comp in the neighborhood and clouds later in 2d. And those "lambert" grey things he's holding....they're police lights...the things he's selling. Don't ask. hahaa.

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Robb said...

Hey Francis!!
These are the coolest things I've ever seen . . . nice job Mr. Keep it up!! See you tomorrow!!