I'm wrapping up an advanced art history class dealing with Asian art right now. I initially picked the class because it just fit my schedule, but thank God I did. Japenese prints especially from the Edo period are amazing. The compositions, the lines, and the's some crazy good art that I would never would have considered without that class. So the final assignment for the class is to do your own take on Asian art so I put this together and had a blast doing it! I haven't been posting much lately because of finals and considering that I'm having a lot of issues with my second thesis idea....I changed the human character and the environment plus other fun stuff...But I had to stop myself so I could sleep haha, but there are some more things I would like to do like add some graphic flower branches in the corner behind the "squares" but I know I'll be doing more stuff in this awesome style so it'll have to wait. As Cheeks says: hope ya'll diggs!

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