stamping plant sketches *update 4-10*

These sketches are style suggestions for the "realistic" human section of my thesis pitch. When these would be translated into 3d I would actually model this stamping machine with a lot of detail but I would shade it in a light grey with a suggestion of a outline. The human character would be in full color and texture to stand in contrast to the environement allowing for some interesting shot compositions. Or at least that's the plan. We'll see how it goes. Enjoy!

*edit: added a more polished design of my factory worker. I finally think it's getting there although I still need to do some exploration.....edit #2: another design, I enjoy the head of this one so I think for my final design I will use the blue coveralls guy with the head of the hat guy. Thanks.


Dustin dArnault said...

dude i really love this idea of keeping the character in color in contrast to the machines... i also wonder if maybe the whole thing was in black and white or with a monochrmoatic feel wen hes laboring. then when he presses play color all of a sudden emerges drawing a relationship between the color, life and music. thats just what i extrapolate (is that how you spell it?) from what your trying to do. but nice line drawings and compositions. keep it up bro

Andrew R. Wright said...

man francis you are kicking some major arse with your illustrations and animations. its great seeing at least one person in any major cross over to a different field. loving the style of your work! cant wait to see whats next.

EvanM said...

DUDE, THIS IS FREAKIN AMAZING. Yeah thanks for the comment on my blog, i appreciate it. Your stuff looks intense and im interested in knowing how this story pans out.