Flava, ninjas, and trains

Sooo it's 4:00 in the morning and I still have to work on another project..haha I'm making this a bad habit. Answer me this, do artists creative juices flow more in the late night hours or am I out of control!!?? But I'm posting 2 moleskines and a poster for our Illustration show - Illest of Ill - that's quickly approaching. Did I mention that El Coro (http://www.coro36ink.com/ ) is going to be judging!!?? Take care,


Andre Barnwell said...
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Andre Barnwell said...

Nice moleskins
. You make it look effortless and ez.

Hey man got your comment on the animation. Yeh i never thought about it. Ill make a note and try that. i think it would make it feel more natural.

Yeah school this year is our indy film so Im doin mine about a four armed barber givin a mob boss his last hair cut.

p.s.I removed the first comment in case youre wonderin.

Baklashan said...

Nice work! You have a great sence of design wich works well with your knowledge of the fundamentals. By the way, I really enjoyed the painting of snoop on the previous post, pretty impressive for your first oil. I'd love to see more figure drawings. Check out my blog and take care!

Ricardo said...

You got some chops. Keep it up.

Thanks for dropping by.