Hey guys, I'm really stuggling with this piece...I'm hoping that I could get some crit/feedback. It would really help. Thanks in advance. Take care, -f.


Dustin dArnault said...

i still say you should try a light purple a almost lavender color on the octopi! i really dig the compostion and the sail boats love the sail boats!!

IrisOn said...

What is the assignment?? Not knowing that .... i think the colors and contrast seem harsh, although I enjoy how much the octipi stands out, dustins comment seems relevant, a lavendr might soften this pallett and look nice with that yellow in the sky,

love your style man

Francis Vallejo said...

Thanks guys!! The assignment's for Perez's media class. It's the pen ank ink piece. I took my black and white piece and added some color since I wasn't really feeling the b&w. I'll try out what you guys said. Thanks again.

Marcelo Vignali said...
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Marcelo Vignali said...

Francis, I was looking at your first Octopus piece, and I think it works better because it has less going on than your second attempt.

There is always a tendency, when we start to struggle with our work, to keep trying to add something to make it work. Sometimes, the reverse is actually the solution -- you have to remove something in order to make it work.

Perhaps the dots in the background were the wrong graphic to add in the back, or instead it may be the red suction cups. Either way, the composition was disrupted/distracted by an over use of small detail. This made your composition so busy, we are distracted from the dynamic event taking place.

Also, even though you are trying to create a dynamic composition, you've made it quite symmetrical. You've divided your composition directly in half, and echoed the use of images in groups of threes: Three white octopus shapes, three (distinctly silhouetted) waves shapes, three round bulb waves in the middle of your composition, and three little boats.

Look at your first drawing; note the absence of the repeating groups of threes. I can only spot it in one area, and it works.

I love the work Francis. I really do appreciate how you love taking risks. That kind of energy and enthusiasm is apparent in all you do. Keep up the great work.

Ester said...

great blog! You've got a beautiful drawing style.

Martin Côté said...

What i love about this image is that even though i couldn't guess what it was from the thumbnail at first, i was seduced by the abstract forms that my eyes could only figure out at that moment... and I was not disapointed when i zoomed in either, i love your lines, the rythme, the contrast ...everything