new illo and Spectrum

Hey everybody! So no portraits for a couple of days as I am working on an illustration that I think could be a big piece for me. Recently there has been stories in the news regarding states trying to pass laws against sagging pants. Some legislation has the fines up to $500 or 6 months in jail. Here's some links:
So I've decided to do a piece on this controversy as if it it would run as the cover to the Saturday Evening Post. The drawing up top is the final drawing before I transfer it to board (3x4 ft). I hope to apply what I've learned from the studies that I've painted and create a solid illustration. To tell the truth this is the first time I've done a painting of a full on clothed figure, let alone 2 characters, so it will be a challenge. I'm real excited though!!
In other news the nice folks at Spectrum sent me a copy (hardcover!!) of the newest volume. It was fortunate enough to have my artwork featured among some great artists. Make sure to check it out, it's an awesome book!
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Brian said...

Congrats on getting your work in Spectrum. Very cool.

brittany said...

spectrum... sweet!
I've been lurking arround your site for a while now and i have to say im impressed i love your stylization.
I love your sagging concept. is there going to be a background element? it feels like it needs just something simple to tie the two together.
thanks for posting so much checking your site gives me an excuse to procrastinate.. haha...

alberto mielgo said...

It's going to be a great illustration.
Your paintings bellow are so fantastic. Such a great technique.
Congrats for the book too.

Lynda Bostrom said...

Francis! Your work is pretty amazing yourself. wow

lindsey olivares said...

congrats on spectrum, I've been meaning to check that out. next time I'm at Barnes I'll go see.
very cool

Edward Kinsella III said...

Great drawing. Seriously amazing drawing. damn.

Carolyn Vale said...

Love the work Francis!!!

Congrats again on Spectrum.

francis tsai said...

congrats man, it is a nice piece.

btw, cool name. :)

Pablo Hernández Delgado said...

Congratulations!! this is one of my favourites works I told you Jeeeee

un saludo