portrait extravaganza

Hello. I am going to be doing a portrait every day (or at least every other day) to raise money as my funds are strained from me attending the CA.org workshop in Seattle. Thank you.

*this means if you see a portrait I do and would like to purchase it or mail me some Old Holland paint...shoot me an email!!!

**Travis took 3 hrs**


Tony Cabrera said...

Keep em coming, I think I have some room on my wall somewhere.

Arnaud "Feutre" p-g said...

thx for the com.
you also have great master pieces, i really love the way you work the traditionnal texture
good work and keep it up


messytimbo said...

man loving your stuff! really great texture in your paintings. top notch

Mark Behm said...

I feel your pain.

Jamin LeFave said...

Beautiful skin tones. I'm really digging the colors.

Wesley Eggebrecht said...

Haha.. yea I saw a couple of my friends had blogs at CCS and I have been looking at your every once and awhile and decided what the hell. Then importing it to facebook is the shit learned that from you. Glad to have joined the team.

Also that travis barker painting is sick. I really need to work on oil painting.