expressions and happy NEW YEAR!

The happiest of New Years to everyone! 07 was great, 08 should prove to be even better. Art-wise I have many simultaneous projects going on right now. The sketches above are for a top-secret illo that I'm almost done with. Unfortunately I can't reveal the final piece for a week or so, but I'm really excited with the direction that it's going. A few of the heads above are courtesy of copying Mr. Rockwell to help me understand how he got those perfect expressions on his characters.

In other news, I 'll be heading to Seattle this Thursday for the Revelations art workshop
! Soon after I'll be heading to the other corner of the country to Sarasota, FL to head back to school. Once I get back I'll finish up my projects from over break before classes get too heavy.

New Year's resolutions:
-attend the Illustration Academy over the summer
-attend Comic Con in San Diego
-make it to the Rockwell museum
......if I can make all of these 2008 will be all kinds of great!!

take care,


Ted Bramble said...

Dynamite sketches~

McGovernment said...

Amazing work man. Sickest sketchbook I've seen in awhile.

Lubomir said...

Amazing, Happy New Year!

Len said...

Such full, loaded expressions during a card game!Williams’ original title for A Streetcar Named Desire was The Poker Game.

Matias Hyde said...

Hi Francis! Happy New Year to you too!
I found your sketches really amazing. I feel like going out to some cafe and star drawing right away!
Cheers from Madrid!

pedro lourenço said...

have a great year!

Kyler Dannels said...

You're drawing ability never ceases to floor me, man... It's 7:28 AM and I seriously am going to go draw right fucking now.

I'll also be doing the academy this summer and hitting up San Diego again for Comic Con this year, it'll be fun times.




Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

Sweet stuff dude, sometime VERY soon, we should hooked up and tear up some FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorrentino said...

hey man the work is looking pretty sick. I really enjoy seeing the expressive handling of many media you choose to pick up. Plus that portrait of John Goodman you;ve got here is amazing!

Fabio Lai said...

Great sketches as usual, especially the third one.
I wish you a fantastic 2008 too.
I've linked you.

Helen said...

Beautiful sketches, there's so much character in each and every one of them, and I absolutely love the line quality. Ugh, LOVE.

Marcos Mateu said...

WOW! Fantastic! great characters, great expressions, great line work!

Francis Vallejo said...

thanks guys!!!

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