Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great '08! Heres a pic of me painting at's Revelation's workshop. Great time. Highly recommended! Geez I just used a lot of exclamation marks....haha. I had someone (I see you Misael) hold onto the paintings in Seattle until they dry and then I'll get them in the mail to scan properly. A million projects in the works. A giant post is on the way. Take care,
edit* I really apologize to Daniel Zetterström for not crediting him with these photos. He is an awesome photographer and you can check out more of his work at: his site.


Jason Barnes said...

sooooo awesome.... incredible work with such a limited palette. i dont have anything else to say, other than words usually followed by exclamation points. can't wait to see the others though


Pollock said...

I say just a word WWWAAAOOOOUUUU !

Peter Chan said...

wow. i wish i could go!! Thats some great painting work! good stuff!

Julien alday said...

Whaaaa ! Killer blog here ! Many inspirating works. You're a talent. And thanks for drop a word on my blog, as you said: see you on LMS3, hahaha ! ;)
Keep posting the magic.

Anonymous said...

Was the event really enjoyable?
I've wanted to go to one since the first that they held several years ago.
In one of your posts is there any chance you can give a description on what went on and things you liked and disliked.
All I've ever read is "wow, Just got back. I loved it!" But I really don't have an idea on what goes on and such.

Sorry to bother you.

Anonymous said...

Found this while looking around

Rich Pellegrino said...

Nice painting Francis! Please post it when you get it back.

Shawn Escott said...

Great stuff Francis!

Joe Karg said...

Cool news Francis. I can't wait to see the scans. Always pleasant on the eyes brother.


Mark Behm said...

Nice job! I passed behind your shoulder many times during the workshop.

luis espinosa said...

that painting looks sick. do you still have that painting cuz i would love to come by and check it out

Gerald said...

Oh snap, that painting is looking good! I heard the whole experience was off the hook. Hopefully you got to me my friends from Cali: Emma Coats, Winona Nelson and Steph Labaris.

I'll be sure check out the next conference.

I have a silly question, but did you just buy canvas in Seattle then ship the finished work home?

Anonymous said...