Hey guys! I'm exhausted from the Orlando MegaCon but it was a great time. Thanks to everyone that stopped by the booth! I've been to some cons before but this one had some pretty wild people there....emphasize wild..haha.

In other news, I was fortunate to get 2 pieces in the Society Of Illustrators Student show. Congrats to all that got in! Last week I also finished a piece for VIBE magazine. I'll wait until I get a tearsheet before I post it. The issues should hit stores April 10th! I also signed on to be the artist on a comic to be produced over the next year or so. I will be handling all the art chores so it will be a heavy duty project as well as a real good time. I'm working on the initial poster/promotional illustration now so I'll post that guy when I wrap it up. Lastly I am working on an "art of" book to be released later this year (hopefully by ComicCon) so I'm going to be keeping busy.

And if anyone is attending the Illustration Academy at Ringling over the summer give me a shout. I'd love to find out who's going!!!!

take care,

ps. They posted the Spectrum winners HERE.
Congrats to all those that made it in!!!!!!!


Jeffrey Alan Love said...

Congratulations on the Society of Illustrator's news and all the work you're getting, Francis - you deserve it! I'll be at the Academy, it's going to be awesome.



Erin McGuire said...

It was fun sharing a booth with you, hopefully we can do the con thing again sometime :) Take care!

Will said...

yeah, congrats on the pieces in the Society, and jobs! I will see you @ the Academy this summer!

Anonymous said...

francis, do us all a favor and quit with the talent. you can't raise the bar that high! especially as a junior. dammit! seriously though, congrats man!!! you're a fucking machine.

Andrew Olson said...

Congratulations on Spectrum and SOI! I had a good time hanging out at Megacon, (Thanks for the caricature). Take it easy man-

Sandra Lucia said...


EL GRANDE said...

Francis, I've been coming to your blog for like 5 months now, and you just keep bringing the pain.

Awesome to hear you were at Megacon.

Joe y Elio

Haylee said...

This is definitely your year Francis, your talent is truly growing each day. Congratulations on the SOI and Spectrum entries, also good luck with the book. Plus, congrats on the VIBE job, that must really be great. Keep up the great work and maybe some of that magic will rub off on some of us at the Academy!

FML said...

From one Francis to another, keep it up man. What was the VIBE mag illustration about?


Wesley Eggebrecht said...

Thanks Francis your work is spectacular as always. Congrats on making it in Spectrum! So is this your final year at Ringling?