I thought I would do my part and help spread the word on an unfortunate situation affecting many artists in the illustration community. A Japanese (allegedly fake) bookmaker just released a illustration compilation book named "Colorful Illustration 93 C. They basically just ripped off a large amount of illustrator's work and stole all the exclusive interviews from Darren Di Lieto over at the Little Chimp Society. This is bad news. The ISBN is fake as is the phone number on the book. They knew they were doing illegal activity and really covered their tracks.

Here are some links:
gallery of the stolen artwork...(you may be in here)
Darren's post on the issue
Luc Latullipe's in depth post


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P.S. All artist should also become aware of the situation with the Orphan's Work bill and the effect that it will have on how we handle our artwork.


LuisNCT said...

I have no words...

Erin McGuire said...

Think you might like this guy ^

Anonymous said...

i found your blog, and it made my day, i fell in love with your style! lovely, great, huge, lot of magnetism here!!
i really enjoyed all your artworks!! keep on rocking!

cheers from barcelona,


Aly Fell said...

Hi Francis,

Thanks loads for finding my blog and the comment. We were just browsing your work, my wife and I, and it just blows me away! I think you have a couple of fans here! ;)

BTW, this book is a disgrace. Good job on letting people know.

All the best


Gerald de Dios said...

You're absolutely right, that's just wrong! I can't believe these people have the nerve to make money off other people's hard work (hundreds of hours painting) and interviews to make profit. As an art community, all artist and fans should really look into that "Orphan's Work" bill. Read it through at least once and make sure to follow up on writing your congress men, etc. We need to work together to prevent this Orphan Work becoming a bill. Who has the funds and time to register every piece of work you create? It's bad new everyone. Cheers!

Anonymous said...


Jason Raish said...

my work was stolen in this book too. i actually saw it for sale in the Gallery district of Beijing last year.