Ilya Repin: The Greatest Ever??

Just take a look at this beauty!!!!! WOW!!! Repin used the lighting and large amount of white to grab you at first. Then if you take the time to look at what's going on......ouch!

I haven't been as moved by paintings as I have been by Repin's in a long time. I always knew he was a good old school painter, but I never really took the time to look at his work. Holy geez!! He's a master at composition, paint handling, color.....drawing...seemingly everything. So I spent a chunk of today collecting as much of his work as I could and squeezing it into a 90MB .zip for all to enjoy and hopefully inspire.


From my humble knowledge of art history, the images contained in this folder are among the best I've ever seen. He has the classical portraiture down pat, but it's his immense multi-character illustrations that launch him into the highest levels of art.

If you feel obliged, leave a comment on your feelings with this work. Are these claims I'm making too exaggerated?

By the way all the images I posted here and many more are in huge eye-bleeding resolution in the .zip.

take care,
***EDIT: In the comments LuisNCT made a great recommendation to check out "Ramon Casas." Man what another great painter. I feel guilty that I'm not familiar with all these amazing artists. I need to get some work done today tho, so I can't scrounge the net for Casas images hahaha. If anyone has a good Casas .jpeg collection and are feeling especially generous I could take them off your hands...haha.****


Sir Timmy said...

i've always thought him to be an incredible, genius painter. haha if you had let me know, i could've zipped my repin file for ya and save you lots of time! its fun diggin around for images though. you might like this puppy: Repin later on inlife, with his custom palette strapped to his waste since he couldnt hold it with his arthritis! PIMP. take care francis!

Oliver Dominguez said...

WOW!!!! Repin is amazing. I've never seen his work before. Thank you for the downloadable file. Just remarkable work, love the illustration where the men are pulling the ship, you could feel the atmosphere of the illustration.



P.S: Great interview!

idle. said...

Hey Francis, thanks for the awesome share. I am a big fan of Repin. Top Notch. ^_^

LuisNCT said...

Remembers me to Ramon Casas and other european painters of late XIX century

Dustin d'Arnault said...

I love the one with the pirates signing the treaty. The interaction is amazing! That is the find of the century!

Francis Vallejo said...

Tim: haha yeah man, i dont have arthritis but I want a set up like that, he wasnt gunna let something as little as a dabilitating disease keep him from painting

oliver: yeah man, the shup one is one of my favorites

idle: glad you dig it

luis: hey man, thanks A LOT for the Casas reference, I love his work

D: it is a great find, that pirate one took him 11 yrs, at the time the Russian czar bought it it was the most a ever spent on a Russian painting. So Repin musta felt good about that.

Haylee said...

You're right, Repin is wicked basically at everything! Right now I have like six inter-library books coming on Ramon Casas, so that means I'm staying here an extra week (Rockwell will have to wait for now). Also check out Peder Kroyer, and Lovis Corinth--they're not bad either. I've also got some books coming in on them, too.
Thank-you so much for sharing your research, guess I should do the same with all these books I've been pouring over.

By the way, I've also got some Fechin and Zorn stuff coming also.

Diantres said...

Repin is great! Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan is one of my favorites paintings, sadly i discover Repin's work the past year, thanks to the Internet, and boo to the educational institutions here on Chile.

thanks for the file!

Oskar said...

Wow! Thx for the heads up on Repin, I had never heard of him.
Good job with the blog, keep it up!

Keith Carter said...

Repin's ability to capture facial expressions knocks my socks off.

Dustin d'Arnault said...

Dude that looks like a really good idea. I have been looking for a new way to carry my pencils. Let me know if its worth getting.

Unknown said...

I had the wonderful opportunity to see a lot of Repins paintings several years ago in the Groningen museum. I was blown away!!!

you can buy the catalog of that exhibition here:

Unknown said...

I think you'll like this guy too:

and the spanish painter:

joaquin sorolla

check them out!

Francis Vallejo said...

Thanks Wouter! I seen that book. I'm looking to make an investment and get a good Repin Book.

I am familiar with Sorolla, he's tremendous. But I tried to open the JSS gallery and it won't work. Another link?

Romance said...

Repin is great. But you should really check out Ivan Kramskoy, who was Ilya's teacher. Best portrait artist ever, I swear.

willborough said...

I was going to suggest Kramskoy too. I remember a incredible portrait of Tolstoj. Awe-inspiring stuff. My current favorite is Henry raeburn, a fantastic Scottish portraitpainter. Thanks for the Zip!


gumkid said...

wow man, thanx for the repin images, good stuff

Gerald de Dios said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gerald de Dios said...

Ah man, thanks for sharing all those inspiring images. Have a good weekend!

Alina Urusov said...

Serov is great too!
look up valentin serov!

Unknown said...

jss gallery works when I try it...

maybe this will get you there:

(or google up John Singer Sargent - the greatest ever??)

Francis Vallejo said...

Sargent and Serov are some favorites of mine! I've been looking at all the Russian Itinerants with a side of William Chase lately. So moany awesome artists.

Are people familiar with the the "Mexican Cornwell?........Saturnino Herran...some of his subject manner is questionable, but it's painted beautifully!

Robogabo said...

That is awesome Francis! I've never seen his work before and is so impressive, the color and atmosphere on those large scale ones are overwhelming. thanks for the ZIP file, about Saturnino, he is not recognized as other Mexican painters, and not much volume of work to find also.

btw keep up the updates, your artwork is great!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, very certainly !

zanzan said...

Hey man, don't suppose you'd be willing to re-up the Repin zip if you get any free time?

ben said...


I second that request on re-up the Repin zip if you get the time.

Very inspirational blog you have going here! I must start working harder, that is for sure! :)