Cartoon Retro!!!

So on my reference hunt today, I stumbled across a terrific, terrific site: Cartoon Retro!!! It was created by Shane Glines (Spumco, Warner Bros. Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond) as the world's largest archive of vintage illustrations, animations, comics, and cartoons. It may be true, the collection is great! It's only $5 a month, so instead of taking a trip to the BK lounge (Burger King for non-Dane Cooke fans) you can get access to a pile of great images. It has goodies from Bernie Fuchs, Robert McGinnis, and plenty of great artist's, some I'm just discovering. Recommended!

A lot has been happening lately, as far as collections of images are concerned. just launched a huge initiative to fight the Orphan Works Bill here.

And Google recently received acces to the legendary LIFE photo collection. Whoah!

I guess while I'm on the subject probably the greatest collection of classical illustration outside of the library is Leif Peng's. Daily visit for me.

I put all my online discoveries at the links at the bottom of this blog. They're consistently updated so check back every once in a while for some fun stuff.

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Anneka Tran said...

Thanks for those links - they're awesome.

cartoonretro said...

Thanks for the nice comments, Francis!

Carles de Miguel said...

Inks, gouache, oil...I´m dreaming?I was thinking that the Ocean Photoshop drowned to the artists.Less badly that there are shipwrecked persons.
Good works Francis!

Sarah Watts said...

Yeah that site is sweet! Hope you're well!

Oskar said...

I can't thank you enough for linking cartoonretro. I immediately joined and can't stay off the site. :D


Anonymous said...