knick knacks

I had some time today to do a sketch of my folks' living room. My mom is a master decorator so I tried to capture all the detail she puts into the house. I hope it does her work justice.

happy new year,

**edit: I put up a drawing of my room as well...Found out three of my illustrations were accepted in the Society of Illustrators LA show. Congrats to my buddy Oliver who got work in as well. **


Anonymous said...

That looks awesome man! Wish I could just simply "sketch" something, and have it turn out that good. Very nice job :)

McLean Kendree said...

congrats on the triple-threat there!

dadu shin said...

Congrats mr vallejo!
will you also be submitting to the student competition this year?

Will said...

Congrats man! I got a piece in the show too; I was super stoked. but I only got one in, haha

Lindsey Lydecker said...

yay congratulations dear.
so hey... is that your lipsync head maquette?? :)
coz that would be AWESOME. hahah

Lindsey Lydecker said...

hahah I knew it ^_^
sweet! I wouldn't have noticed if it weren't for this amazing drawing of yours.
you rock Francis <3

M.Y.T.H said...

may i ask wat kind of pen was used in this sketch/???

Francis Vallejo said...

M.Y.T.H: .5 SKB