I grew up listening to George Thorogood. Before I showed up to this planet, my dad was a rock and roll star. He casually listed Thorogood's cover of "Who Do You Love" as one of the greatest songs ever made. I now realize he was right. Who do you love?? Do you love the young and carefree gal that goes with you everywhere - even on your motorcycle? Do you love the mature woman? Or do you love the idea of a woman, but prefer to focus on other things; even though these pursuits may strangle you?

I created this illustration originally for the Phidias Gold show "Stack the Deck" (original board still available, email phidiasgold@gmail.com for details). Above, you can scope out the line art version, and the "candy" version of the skate deck. For the show I transferred the inks to a board and selectively painted on top, which you can check out in the last image.

I will be releasing 3 limited runs of the skate decks. Two of the designs are seen above, and 1 additional colorway will be unveiled soon. Check this space for the announcement of availability!! 

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take care,


Alejandro Gonzalez said...

The Blk/Wht one is equally as effective. Nice piece man.

Charlie Joseph said...

I'm wondering how.... And why you've depicted my first and only long term girlfriend. Seriously, her face, steez, everything. A damn gypsy pirate with a bindi on her forehead. Or some sort of pineal gland/third eye representation.

Is this a typical desire?

Very nice work, sir.

Eugene Dunn said...

Nice work!

***** said...

I like the way you applied the color to the b/w drawing.



anna Sonata said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.
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Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

Man you can draw, great blog!

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Manoj Singh said...

Amazing! It has really nice atmosphere.

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