I feel bad for not posting as much as I used to, so here is some recent figure drawing from the moleskine. Take care!


JesArt said...

O, this is Jesart, dont feel bad man, alot of peoples is busy, and I know your like everywhere, so just post when you can. Man you drawing crazy, do you like contour drawings, because I cant stand it, your really good at it,o and I wanted to ask is it hard to paint a model, because Iam doing it in class next week, and Iam a little uneasy about it.

Adam Tamte Volker said...

what a great idea, a colour I enjoy thoroughly. You've got great stuff as usual...I miss Natalie's and the space needle. But the time for reminicing (sp?) is over! There is a pack of studies from the future calling my name.

crossing my fingers for "round2" (LMS3)

Mike Lee said...

Dang sweet stuff man! I'm gonna check back more often! Keep up the great work!

Nate Skate said...

I don't say this very often, nice skills.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Very nice page of figures.