Hey friends!
Lately this year I've been trying to step up my art history game. And I keep reading about how all the best old school artists did all kinds of master copies. So I've been doing my fair share. I've really enjoyed doing these this semester. They've taught me A LOT!!!! Highest recommendation!

So I did a copy of a great field drawing by William A. Smith (soldier), and an Ingres drawing. I got a few in progress ones....a Degas, and more Fechin. I just bought a SWEET Ramon Casas drawing book so I can't wait to do a few from that book!! The portrait is from one of my classes painted from a model, about 4.5 hours. I have some issues with it (as I have with a lot of my figure paintings, hence the lack of posts with them), but I finally achieved some things I've been working towards!

take care,


Anonymous said...

Hey Francis: Beautiful Work as always! EMV

Finn Clark said...

Great new pictures. Always love to see your work. I just got my Totoro Forest book and its nice to see the printed version in the flesh :)
Take care.


ivan said...

I love this blog. I find out about artists and other things that would never have discovered on my own. Oh and the art is GREAT too!


Amazing draws!!!!!!! You´re an artist!


Adam Paquette said...

hey francis its adam from gorilla blog :) awesome work man - was wondering if you could elaborate just a little on how you approach studies. I tend to start master studies with a specific goal in mind - developing my colour, form, composition etc... but once i sort of catch on to what it is i was looking for, i dont see a reason to continue to a high level of finish. Perhaps you could shed some light on how you approach studies, and how to get the most out of them?

Thanks in advance - Adam

estudio baobab said...

Hi Adam,

thanks for visiting our blog.

Your work is great!

Javi Montes

lindsaykay said...

lovely studies franny V,


Anonymous said...

dude, that smith soldier is delicious. love it!


Boldheadstudio said...

hey francis, I love your blog and your work, quite fantastic.
if you don´t mind, I´d like to ask how you get the flat tones in your soldier drawing?
do you rub your pencil strokes with a towel or estompe of some sorts? I´m curious, never get the qualitiy of it in my crappy attempts...
thanks in advance, and continue posting please, loads on inspiration!!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous drawings!!

Anonymous said...

It's Wonderful
I love your drawing and painting.
Keep it up~~

Seo Kim said...

wonderful studies.. I am totally inspired to do this. thank you!

Anonymous said...